Our expertise

When water is crystal clear and colourless at the point of origin, but the aesthetic quality degrades in the distribution network, Environor can help you. Our commercial line of products and services are tailored to correct this degradation quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.

Our clients range from small to municipalities or specialized firms operating potable water distribution equipment.

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At Environor you will:

1. NSF Certified products to standard 60
Safely resolve reoccurring colour problems that are a nuisance to consumers and system operators of distribution networks.

2. Services tailored to operating conditions
Through regular on-site visits, we ensure that our products are working effectively and optimized for short and long term treatment cost.

3. Approaches that requires inexpensive equipment
To avoid unwanted capitalization costs.

4. High performing solutions
Customers will immediately see improvements to the aesthetic quality of their water.

5. Highly trained personnel
Our personnel are capable of integrating our solutions to your operating conditions. We help produce real and measurable operational savings.

6. Processing power
Our solutions allow for the elimination of colour, even when metallic surfaces have been recently exposed by mechanical cleaning methods.

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